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PCI-E EXP GDC External Laptop Video Card Dock Graphics Card Laptop Docking Station ( Mini PCI-E / NGFF / Expresscard interface)


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PCI-E GDC External Laptop Video Card Dock Graphics Card Laptop Docking Station (Mini PCI-E /NGFF M.2 A Key/Expresscard Interface Version)


EXP GDC is the laptop external graphics adapter equipment; it can help you to use the external independent high-performance graphics, can be used to access any of the PCI-E interface equipment, used to enhance the performance of the laptop, so that you can play those huge games requesting high-performance graphics.

Please refer to the user manaul step by step to use this product. Be carefully when connect the power and cable. If you your laptop can not work with the product , please refer to the trouble shooting part in the user manul at first.

The mini PCI-E,NGFF M.2 Akey and Expresscard interface use the same type of dock. But the NGFF M.2 Mkey interface use the other dock, please note it.


Support Interface : PCI-E X16
Input Interface : Mini PCI-E/NGFF M.2 A Key/Expresscard
Extand Support : PCI-E X16 DMI 5 GT/s
Power : Max. 220W(8Pin interface)/Max. 150W(DC interface)
USB : 1.0/1.1/2.0
Compatible system : Windows XP/7/10,Linux


EXP GDC Laptop external independent video card dock w/ expresscard data line and 6 Pin/8 Pin power supply cable.
Dual TD compatible switch (resolution of hardware conflict).
High quality imported electronic component, multistage anti interference and Isolation protection circuit.
Multi power automatic switching (support for soft start).
Enhanced MINI PCI-E data line with 26pin interface, supports 54 type and 34 type expresscard interface.
With 6pin interface for connecting video card power supply; 8pin interface for connecting EXP GDC power supply.
Use for engineering measurement, data collection, server debugging, GPU computing and other industrial applications, of course, still be used to access most of the graphics card to play the game.


EXP GDC is a NOTEBOOK external graphics adapter equipment, do not include graphics card.
If you use your notebook display, please make sure it has Intel (R) HD graphics and connected above GTS450 as NVIDIA graphics. Otherwise you need external monitor. Usually the external monitor can get better performane.

This products doesn't support these model of laptops, please don't make the order if you use these laptops:

  • Asus (N55SF, N75SL , ASUS A53XI24 1SV-SL, K43SD, A73S, K53SD, X8dij, A43s, N55SL, K45dr)
  • Lenovo E530, L430, E43, U410, E49, K49, G50-75M(New Add)
  • HP H533OM, 6910, 5310M
  • Hasee ui45, EVI4
  • Haier T68
  • Acer 4739z , Acer E1-451G
  • Samsung 450R , 270e5k , np450r5j-x05cn
  • Dell 5437 , N55SL ,

Note : These models of laptop is the known model which is not suitable. BUT that does not mean any laptop other than this list will work. You still need to learn if your laptop is suitable for use EXP GDC adapter to connect external graphic card.

Supported Laptops (known) :

For Lenovo W530/T520/W520/X220/X220/TZ570/T420/Y460/Y560/T410/E420/X201/X201s Edge/ /T410s/T400/T510/X201T/X200/W500/T61p/X61/T61/T60/T520/T420S//y470/T420I/Y480/G480/k580s/E520/Y580/G500/E46A/Y530/G510/Y400/G500/V460/Y560P/y480n/y480/E420/K29/B470/Z470/L421/SL410K/E420S/G470/G450/z465/Y500/V370/G430/Z370/Y485/Y410P/v1000/s410p/y471a/s230u/V570/e420s/Z500/V470/Y40 70/G710 AT-ISE/y430p/S400/SR1000/B5400/405S/A8/Y50/Z501/Z480/Z580/U310/K46A/z380/P51/
For Dell E6520Vostro/3450/XPS15/L502Studio/1557/E6220/M4500/E6420/E4300Studio/1557XPS 1645E4310M4600Insp.1545XPS/1340E4300 XPS 1640 E6500Insp 1420XPS 1340Vostro 1500 1440Vostro v130XPS M1530D830M1330Studio 1555Insp 1520Vostro 1310E15051545E6520E6520E 6220E 5410E 4310E 641014RM12104600MD630E64206320N4120N50103421N3010772014R4728152014rd658N411014RD658inspiron15-3521e632074205537xps164515r7520767015R 4526 5547 773014R 5420M6600752055374050vostro3300n3420L702X3542155815 75484z-5423 E6230
For Sony Z21VPC-Z11, VPC-Z13, VPC-Z12, VGN-FW45Z46GD, VGN-NS110eEA27ECVPCCA36ECEA47ECCB36ECNw35eEA200CS138Vgn-nw71fbSVT11138CCS, vpcs128ec, FW17Z45vpcea25fgvpcea18ec, VPCEB26FXVPCZ138GGsve14a28ccsPcg-71212tSVE 141
For HP 4530s/2560P/8460P/4330s/2540P/8440P/DV4-2000/2530P/2740P/6930P/6930P/2730P/HDX9000/ Pavilion DV4/DV9690en/CQ60/DV7126/7CLHDX16HDX18TTX22510PDV7-3020EDDV2000dv2416US6910PNC640021334530sHp8440p14 beatsG42DV51220TXN51108570PCQ35-219TXDV2804TXCQ45CQ40CQ42 285TX8560P2730p4321sDV7HP44318470P2570Penvy17j120usHP6450BHP 8470Pcq15-102tx/2570P/8460P
For Fujitsu AH531/T731/S6420/T901/T5010/U9200/AH56/Gnh532
For Acer 5755G/3820TG/5920G/5620Z/5742G/6930/5620/1810TZ/5720G/1410 Ferrari One/4752G/4750G/E1-471G/5750G/5951G/E1-571G/V3-571G/V5-472G/4315/V5-471G/V3-772G/4738G/4745G/E5-511G/5552G
For MSI CX623/CR720/A6200-021US/CR630/M610/GX640/GE60
For Toshiba R840/A665/L305-S5921/L300/A505-6965/L300/L305-S5921/M332/M780/L700/L650-02B/L800
For Clevo M860T/UM570RU
For Sager NP2096/NP8662/NP5793
For NEC Versa E6500
For Asus F8SA/X42JR/X59SL/1015PEM/M60J/Y581/CX81/x55v/X450VB/X450JS/x450c/N61JV/x402ca/U24E/r400/P53SJ/n75sl/n75s/N61JQ/N56/n55sf/n53/k56c/k55vd/K53SV/K52DR/k45vs/K43SM/a55vd/K42JB/K40IP/K40IN/g73sw/F83se/A73S/A55VM/A53/a450j/A43X/A43s/a42j/k55vm/k43/SDG74S/XN43sl/n55sl/k55vm/A45/K56CB/K43DK42kv/X55XI237VD-SL/X550VC/N81/VG X751L/A53S/A53SM/a450jf/X75VC
For LG P300
For Samsung R780/NP300E4A/NP270E5J-K01CN/r428/rv420
For HASEE A460-I7/K590C/A560P/K580P/A430/K470p/460P/A550/k602c/K590S/K500DE400/K500C-i7 /D1/k660E/A460p-i7/K480N
For Tsinghua University u49fK41H/A14RM0C
For Blue sky p170em
For Haier 7g-2X5P
For Gigabyte p15f V2
For Fangzhengyihe a600
1. Usually the laptop with correct interface can work with our products , but some laptops can not work with it because different design or configuration. Not all model of laptop support to use this product. You need to learn it fully before buy it.
2. Some laptop has both 2 of the interface , but it just support to use one of interface to connect external graphic card. For example the Lenovo T420 , it can use Expresscard interface to use this product , but can not used on wireless card interface (NGFF M.2A Key ).
3. Some old model laptops must use 1 piece of 2GB RAM memory-chip to use this product. Especially the laptop use the mainboard before HM65 ( less laptops model use mainboard after HM65 also need to use 1 piece of 2GB RAM memory-chip )
4. If your laptop do not support connect to the external graphic card by EXP GDC , or you choose the wrong interface cable for your laptop , we can not refund the money of product. But we provide the goods return & money refund in this situation ( the condition of product don't affect secondary sale )
About Graphics Card :
1. The list of recommended graphics card:
GTX650 GTX660 GTX670 GTX750 GTX760 GTX950
GTX960 GTX970 GTX980 GTX1060 GTX1070 GTX1080
And for other graphics cards, may be they can also be used, but the compatibility and performance are not as good as the cards in list.
2. For GTX 1060 1070 1080
They are compatible with EXP GDC, but you must install the Auguest 2016 driver(372.70 version). And GTX 1080 is the most powerful we Recommend.
If it has error 43 , please download the file to solve it //
3. The usual higher graphics card also support,such as GTX1650

Please note that the performance loss of external graphics card is normal.
Please distinguish the interface :
(Take apart the back of the notebook and you can see it)

(The expresscard54 and 34 are both supported)

Please refer to the operation guide in the package carefully when you install this product. You can view the video in the product link too.

The link for download the user guide :


Packing List :

Option 1:

1 x EXP GDC Adapter

1 x Instruction

1 x MINI PCI-E Data Line

1 x ATX Power Supply Cable

Option 2:

1 x EXP GDC Adapter

1 x Instruction

1 x NGFF M.2 A Key Data Line

1 x ATX Power Supply Cable

Option 3:

1 x EXP GDC Adapter

1 x Instruction

1 x Expresscard Data Line

1 x ATX Power Supply Cable

Option 4:

1 x EXP GDC Adapter

1 x Instruction

1 x MINI PCI-E Data Line

1 x NGFF M.2 A Key Data Line

1 x ATX Power Supply Cable

Option 5:

1 x EXP GDC Adapter

1 x Instruction

1 x MINI PCI-E Data Line

1 x Expresscard Data Line

1 x ATX Power Supply Cable

Option 6:

1 x EXP GDC Adapter

1 x Instruction

1 x NGFF M.2 A Key Data Line

1 x Expresscard Data Line

1 x ATX Power Supply Cable

Option 7:

1 x EXP GDC Adapter

1 x Instruction

1 x MINI PCI-E Data Line

1 x NGFF M.2 A Key Data Line

1 x Expresscard Data Line

1 x ATX Power Supply Cable

(8pin power supply cable can be split into 6pin cable)

How to connect the power :

– Recommend the ATX power , the power need to be enough for your graphic card. The EXP GDC itself use less power.

Common model installation configuration :
Lenovo T410/T420/T430 – DISPLAY in bios, graphic device is set to INTEGRATED GRAPHICS,
Lenovo Y470/G470/Y480/G480 – GRAPHIC DEVICE in bios is set to UMA, turn off PXE BBOT TO LAN
Acer 4750G/4752G/5750G – GRAPHIC MODE is set to integrated in BIOS, close NETWORK BOOT
HP8440P/8460P/8470P/Envy 14 beats/CQ45/2730P – PTD switch is set to 7S
HP CQ35-219TX – Insert an EC card before entering the system.
DELL 4600M – Switchable graphics mode in BIOS
Lenovo Z470 – If you encounter a boot black screen, turn off the wireless network card hard switch
ASUS N56 – Go to the control panel to uninstall the built-in driver, and then connect an external graphics card

Brand Name






Model Number

PCI-E EXP GDC External




Laptop Docking Stations






Mini PCI-E/NGFF M.2A Key/Expresscard

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