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Solvent Traps Deals on Tetris Shop

Tetris Shop offers solvent traps that are designed to capture and store solvents without releasing them into the air. These traps are made from durable materials and are designed to last for a long time, making them an economical choice for solvent storage.

The device bears a striking resemblance to a silencer. Solvent traps do not have a hole bored through their centers or serial numbers engraved on them. Additionally, they are not always intended for shooting. They are particularly useful for those who clean their firearms frequently in order to avoid messes and to conserve expensive cleaning fluids. A variety of designs exist, but the main objective is to capture cleaning fluids from the muzzle end of the barrel, thereby minimizing the mess that is created when cleaning firearms. It is necessary for most of these devices to have a threaded barrel in order to function properly. One end of solvent traps is threaded, which allows them to be attached to muzzles of rifles and pistols with threaded muzzle ends. Additionally, there are baffles inside the unit that collect and hold debris and let fluid pass through a hole to the next level while capturing debris.

Tetris Shop offers the latest deals on solvent traps

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