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Thigh-high boots are shoes that reach over the knees to mid-thigh. Different names for this footwear add over-the-knee shoes and, particularly when hit, pirate shoes. Heights range from extending only above the knee to leading around to the curve.
Thigh footwear’s materials vary from different leathers to different artificial elements to multiple materials (such as silk or polyester microfiber). Some of them are made with zippers, but many are built as pull-on boots. Heel lengths change, but many forms are both flat or with high heels ranges from 3 inches (7.5 cm). Heel fashions change from metal studs to fat. Similar to different overshoes, they can further have floor feet
Thigh-high boots are the leather women boots; their length is over the knee. Their heel type is flat or medium (3cm-5cm). Their lining material is short plush.
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